Half Of All Americans Live In An Earthquake Danger Zone - Do You?

Do you live in an earthquake danger zone? If you think all of those not living along the West Coast are basically safe, then you may be shocked by a new USGS study. Approximately half of all Americans are at risk from “damaging earthquakes,” according to the U.S. Geological Survey report.

Among the lower 48, a total of 143 million Americans live in areas that could experience the “big one.” Among that number, a full 28 million live in places with “high potential” for ground shaking and 57 million live in “moderate” hazard zones.

The new USGS study is indicative of a surge in the number of Americans blissfully unaware that they would be affected by an earthquake. A previous report stated that a much lower number — 75 million people in 39 states — were exposed to earthquake risk. Click here to learn more about earthquake danger zones in the United States in my report for Off The Grid News!