Lemongrass Survival Uses

Are you prepared to survive during a long-term disaster when you can’t call a doctor? Medical preparedness is often the most difficult part of any preparedness plan. Even if you have some type of emergency medical training or are super lucky and have a doctor in your mutual assistance group, garnering needed medications will still ultimately be an issue.

Stocking up on over-the-counter medicine, using medications designed to aid animals, or stockpiling prescriptions are all options preppers routinely debate when working on their first aid disaster preps. Some feel that when the noted shelf life of a medication has passed, the pill can still be used but will be weaker and less effective. I am not a doctor or a nurse, and I only lasted as a candy striper for two weeks in middle school; only a doctor can give accurate advice on such matters.

There are other places to look for “medications” other than in the health section of big-box stores and the pharmacy that help sustain the family after the SHTF. Nature offers a plethora of ingredients that were used as medicine for centuries before “Big Pharma” thudded onto the scene. Click here to learn the survival uses of lemongrass in my report for Survival Based!

Lemongrass is one of a multitude of essential oils that can offer health benefits to humans. Before using any essential oil, please read the warnings on the label and do a bit of research. Lemongrass, like several other oils, is not suitable for pregnant and nursing women and can be harmful if ingested in significant quantities by children and pets.