Medical Preps - Top 10 Natural Medicines You Might Have In Your Kitchen Right Now!

Medical preparedness is often on the minds of off the grid families and members of the prepper community. Unless your or someone in your family or tribe (my favorite phrase for a mutual assistance groups) has a medical background, a lot of learning must occur while prepping for a SHTF disaster.

Approaching prepping as a lifestyle choice and as a form of insurance, has prompted many self-reliant individuals and families to get certified in advanced first aid, to take basic nursing courses. Cross-training other members of your group on all skills will likely enhance the overall chances of survival for the family or tribe.

While taking medical basic courses will not help you learn how to perform open heart surgery, such classes are worthy of both your time and money. In addition to learning how to better address injuries and illnesses with conventional medicine, add some natural and holistic therapies to your preps as well. Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy are leaders in the medical preps field teach others how to better deal with survival health emergencies via a multitude of free YouTube videos, a best-selling book, and by teaching visitors at prepper expos. Click here to learn more about natural painkillers that you may already have on hand in my report for eFoodsDirect!