Prepper Community Raided By Government Officials

The owner of a major off-grid underground bunker is fighting the government for the right to keep the shelter open.

“Ark Two” was built by Bruce Beach in Horning Mills, Canada, 35 years ago, with a total of 42 school buses buried under 14 feet of dirt and two feet of concrete in Dufferin County, approximately 60 miles northwest of Toronto.

Ark Two is regarded as the largest privately constructed nuclear fallout shelter in the world and encompasses 10,000 square feet. It is designed, Beach said, to help humanity survive a nuclear world war.

After living harmoniously in the county for almost four decades, Canadian officials only in recent years decided that the underground bunker community creates a hazard and began raiding it, checking for safety problems. Dufferin officials, in fact, want the survivalist community welded shut and closed permanently. A July preparedness summit was expected to attract hundreds of self-reliant people from across North America who would visit it. Click here to read the rest of my report about Ark Two - the underground bunker community raid on preppers on Off The Grid News.