Prepping And Homesteading Tips - How To Make Mason Jar Oil Lamps

Mason jars are a staple item for nearly all preppers and homesteading families. The sturdy jars are first and foremost used to pressure can the annual harvest, but they possess a plethora of other potential uses as well.

Oil lamps are one of those items that often gets passed down from generation to generation. Unless you go camping or have experienced a power outage and do not own a generator, granny's oil lamp probably just sits on the shelf and gathers dust.

Investing in tangibles, like oil lamps, means that you will always have something of value to barter both during and after a long-term disaster. In addition to stocking up on the lamps themselves, you also need to purchase extra wicks and mantles. Click here to read the rest of the report and learn how to make Mason jar oil lamps in my report for Survival Based!