Yard Sale Prepping Tips - How To Stretch Your Survival Budget Further!

Prepping is more often than not done on a shoestring budget, or at least a rather small budget consisting of the flexible funds left over from the weekly paycheck. Self-reliant folks are very good at stretching their dollars to build what they need themselves or searching out bargains to satisfy the survival checklist.

Yard sales are an excellent option to score cheap preps. Each year my rural county has an annual yard sale. Folks come from many counties away to sell, swap, and buy secondhand treasures. My cousin-in-law and I found so many incredible preps during this year’s event that I had to call my husband Bobby to bring a truck to fetch the gear — it took him two trips. Missy and I were not cruising the back roads in a small vehicle. We completely filled the large SUV once, dropped off our goodies, went back out and filled it again, and still needed the pickup.

Although the glorious sunny days of summer will be over in just a month or so, the yard sale season never seems to end anymore, thanks to Facebook. Although I am not a fan of the social media platform, the “items for sale” community pages and county “trading posts” allow money-conscious preppers to find yard sale prices even when we are knee-deep in December snow. Click here to read the rest of my yard sale prepping report for Survival Based.