Alcohol Survival Tips All Preppers Need To Know!

Alcohol has earned its place near the top of any survival preparedness list. Both “gotta be 21 to buy” alcohol and rubbing alcohol have a multitude of uses that could help you survive an apocalypse. Nearly any version of booze will become a high-priced barter item during a long-term disaster, but pure grain alcohol, such as Everclear, has an especially high level of alcohol content and therefore boasts more survival benefits.

Everclear can be purchased in both 95 percent alcohol and 75.5 percent alcohol content varieties. Although it could land you behind bars right now, after a SHTF scenario occurs, the legalities involving moonshine will likely be far less of a concern. The Appalachian favorite , moonshine, is the king of all grain alcohols. Making the legal purchase of a copper still, or learning how to make such a moonshine device, could prove to be an excellent barter and survival tool later.

Everclear is not currently legal to sell in all states. You can purchase a bottle of the grain alcohol in Ohio, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Virginia, North Carolina and West Virginia. If Everclear is unavailable in your state, substitute other high-alcohol-content vodka brands in your preps. Should you decide to purchase a gin or whiskey, make sure the alcohol content is at least 70 proof to ensure that the booze will burn.

The grain alcohol content in booze is defined by taking twice the percentage of alcohol by volume. If the label says the bottle contains a liquid that is 100-proof, it contains booze that equals 50 percent alcohol by volume.

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