Best Alternative Light Sources For Prepper

Prepping for a long-term disaster, no matter what type of disaster you feel is most likely to impact your life, should involve plans to light the home or survival retreat. Generators are the obvious choice to continue to power and light your home during a disaster, but fuel could run out long before the SHTF scenario has stabilized.

If the power grid fails, it could be months or even years before the electrical system is repaired. Should the grid go down due to a solar flare or EMP attack, the amount of time taken to get the system up and running again would be significantly longer, if ever. As previously reported by eFoodsDirect, the federal government does not have a massive stockpile of power grid transformers, wire and other necessary parts stored safely away in Faraday cages.

During a TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) situation we will all likely be up early engaging in physical labor on the homestead and going to bed very early, except when it is your turn on watch. The need to keep a low profile at night to avoid unwanted attention also negates the need to keep some type of light burning inside the home after the sun goes down.

However, possessing the ability to light the home is still important and should be factored into the prepping budget. During the evening hours an illness could strike, a loved one (or multiple loved ones) could become wounded and need medical attention, or a baby could decide to enter the world. Addressing any one of these issues would be difficult or impossible to do at night without a light source. Click here to read the rest of my top 10 prepper light sources report for eFoodsDirect!