Best Dogs For Preppers

Man's best friend can play an important and perhaps life-saving role in your preparedness plan. Dogs have been both versatile and helpful animals since they left the wild and became domesticated companions to millions of folks around the world.

For centuries dogs have been used for hunting, herding livestock, pulling sleds, for search and rescue missions, and to ward off unwanted visitors of both the two and four-legged variety.

In our modern world many dogs have become beloved members of the family, but just like the rest of our kin, they will be expected to pull their own weight during a SHTF disaster.

Choosing the dog that is a right fit for your household can always be a topic of much debate, especially if you have little ones who each fell in love with a different fur ball at the local shelter or pet store.

While all dogs have value and can bring love to their humans, some breeds are far better suited for prepping purposes. Your grandmother's yappy little lap dog with matching bows in its hair surely brightens her day and is a loyal companion, but such a pooch will not be useful at all when the marauding hordes emerge on your property in search of food.

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