Free Land For Preppers?

The government is giving away free land and farming equipment. Sort of. If you are eagerly awaiting the day that you can buy your dream land and build a prepper retreat or start homesteading, there are ways to accomplish the self-reliance goal without getting a loan.

Even in our modern technology-addicted era, the powers that be do appear to still respect the importance of farming and homesteading in America. Nearly half of the farmers in the United States are age 55 or over. Family farms have been disappearing at an alarming rate for at least the past five years. Who will soon be left to grow our food? How stable is the food supply? Both are excellent and disturbing questions.

Preppers and homesteaders are keenly focused on self-reliance and growing/raising their own food. Having the available funds to purchase land or to improve existing land is a problem encountered by many rural preppers and non-preppers alike. Grants to buy farmland, improve the land, develop an agricultural business, build structures, and purchase livestock are readily available, if you know where to look.

The politicians may not have envisioned that 5 million or more preppers in America would seek to take advantage of the free land and farming equipment programs in an effort to ensure their survival during a SHTF situation. However, there is nothing in regulations that prohibits prepping families from taking advantage of the bountiful offers. Click here to read the rest of my land report on Survival Based!