Homesteading Skills All Preppers Must Learn Before Disaster Strikes

Homesteading is experiencing a resurgence in America for a number of reasons. The number of prepping families in the United States (5 million and counting) is just one of the reasons more Americans are striving to enhance their self-reliance skills and harkening back to a simpler, although far more back-breaking, time.

Some folks have begun to rediscover the ways of our ancestors for economic reasons. Others do it out of a desire to rid their bodies of potentially harmful GMOs and antibiotic-laden beef and poultry. Perhaps some homesteading newbies are choosing to make the lifestyle change because they’ve become disgruntled with the technology-addicted world in which their children are being raised.

The popularity of Alaska reality shows have enticed more than a few viewers to begin to ponder how food gets to their table and question their level of preparedness should nothing happen one day when they flip the light switch.

If you are considering joining the ranks of the American homesteader or simply want to enhance your chances of survival during a SHTF situation, here is a sampling of the most important homesteading skills you must begin learning right away.

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