How To Make Activated Charcoal And Why You Should!

Activated charcoal boasts a multitude of survival and homesteading uses. The charcoal smolders instead of burns with a flame like wood does, making it a viable alternative to tossing a log on the fire when sight discipline is a concern.

Carbon, which is what activated charcoal is made of, is also a primary component in the water filtration process. Carbon does not remove the salts or minerals present in water but does effectively filter potentially harmful organic compounds and chlorine from the liquid.

Activated charcoal can also be used to treat acute poisoning. It binds together with the poison to help prevent the stomach and intestines from absorbing the harmful matter. The charcoal also helps the poison to quickly pass through the body. If the individual is poisoned with an acid that stems from petroleum or alkali, do not use activated carbon as an emergency treatment.

Constructing an activated charcoal water filtration system is both a quick and easy process and can be done on a small scale in a plastic water bottle, or on a larger scale inside a plastic barrel to filter a larger amount of water. Powdered charcoal can be used in place of the activated variety when none is available, but it is often regarded as being far less effective.

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