Prepping With Babies And Toddler Tips

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Incorporating babies into your preparedness plan, both current and future little bundles of joy, takes a significant amount of detailed planning. We have four incredibly intelligent and adorable grandchildren ranging in age from not-quite-here-yet to 17. Thoroughly reviewing their essential needs and developing a plan to meet those needs seemed a bit daunting at first. But as all veteran preppers know, failing to plan is planning to fail.

Once I had a categorized list of vital, secondary, and morale-boosting items, I breathed a massive sigh of relief and began working baby and youth preps into our weekly and monthly TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) purchasing and training objectives.

Begin the prepping baby goals by placing the three biggies at the top of the list: food, clothing and shelter. Taking small steps toward preparing to survive a disaster with babies and young children will help you accomplish the most important steps first and help prevent an overwhelming sense of panicked angst.

I have likened the process of prepping for babies to going Christmas shopping for a large family. If your holiday list nearly rolls out of your hand and onto the floor like mine does, stress can occur quickly. By sorting the list by either family groups or by age, you can strike a name from a single group when each gift is purchased and then mark the entire group as finished. Click here to read the rest of my prepping with babies report on Survival Based!