Social Media Marketing Training For Prepper Authors, Radio Show Hosts, And Businesses

Have you written the best book, or developed the most informative radio show, or perhaps have the best survival gear and services on the planet, but are disappointed in the amount of attention your efforts have garnered?

Unfortunately Google, Bing, and Yahoo - the "Big 3" search engines do not post links to material based upon quality, but on SEO optimization, time spent on page by viewers/customers/listeners, and social interaction.

Learning how to get in the top search engines rankings and to post tweets, Facebook statuses, and Google+ messages that will actually work for you is not rocket science, but does involve skill. A person who has never, or rarely ever, picked up a gun before could be figure out the basics rather quickly and point my Ruger at a target and squeeze the trigger. Sure, they might get lucky and get on the paper a few times, but hitting a bull's eye takes practice. The same can be said for utilizing social media. If you are not doing it right, and there is a formula achieving success with digital marketing, you are just wasting valuable prepping time tapping away at your computer.

While you may have an incredible following on YouTube, the same cannot be said for your Twitter feed, and you had no clue that posting to Pinterest could be earning you hundreds of extra dollars per month. I have had this exact scenario play out multiple times with my prepping social media clients.

What began as a helping to hand to some prepping pals, highly successful ones with notable profiles, has turned into a nice little side business that aids others in our preparedness community. As one of my favorite self-reliance sisters, Survivor Jane, always says, "we are all in this together."

If you are interested in learning how to use social media to earn more money from your prepping endeavors, or want an experienced digital marketing expert to do the work for you, contact us via email ( or via any of The Prepared Family social media acounts, for more information and details about the very low rates offered to other Americans focused on education the masses about self-reliance.