Survival Guide Part 2 - Cooking During A SHTF Scenario

Cooking and heating your home once the power grid fails could be accomplished in a variety of ways. Waiting until a SHTF scenario occurs is definitely not the right time to learn how to cook with cast iron over an open flame, use a rocket stove, or make and utilize a solar oven.

The prepper motto, “Two is one and one is none” should be applied to the off-grid or disaster cooking preparedness plan — and every aspect of your survival regimen as well. Learn how to make and use a variety of different cooking and heating implements so you can feed and warm your loved ones in spite of the changes that would likely occur during a doomsday disaster.

Camp stoves and ovens as well as indoor propane stoves are excellent “first options” for off grid or disaster cooking, but eventually the propane might run out. Should the power grid fail or a nuclear war occur, tractor-trailers will not be pulling into the local big box store for months, possibly years — or maybe never again.

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Fireplaces and wood stoves will keep your home warm and provide a heat source for cooking, but it takes some trial and error to learn the exact cooking times and temperature for meals prepared in this manner. A seemingly endless supply of wood to fuel your fireplace and wood stove could disappear quickly if a fire sweeps through your area or substantial flooding occurs. When calling 911 is not an option, firefighters will not be able to battle the blazes that will surely occur when transformers burst into flames after a solar flare or EMP attack.
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