Survival Tracking Tips - How To Track Humans In A SHTF Scenario

Prepping to survive a long-term disaster involves the development of a solid self-defense plan. Learning how to shoot a handgun and rifle, to clean and fix the firearms, and to reload your own ammunition is an integral first step. The knowledge and skill to fire a gun, shoot a bow, and to wield a knife will help keep you alive and put food on the dinner table, but learning how to track, and not be tracked, could just as easily save your hide one day.

Tracking animals and being able to tell a deer hoof print from a bear paw impression in the mud is just one aspect of tracking. Any Walking Dead fan knows how useful the ability to track two-legged prey is during a survival situation. Being able to track humans could help you locate missing loved ones or keep the family hidden from view when marauders come into the area.

Military snipers are often rightfully regarded as some of the best-trained trackers in the world. The tracker training for the elite members of the military has changed very, very little over the past 60 years. Modern technology has not infiltrated the skills used by snipers when they are tracking or being tracked. Sure, advanced rifle scopes and night vision goggles significantly enhance the capabilities of the naked eye, but on the trail, it’s knowledge and detailed observation that will allow you to keep breathing another day.

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