Survival Traps - Top 5 Quickest And Easiest Traps To Use In An Emergency

Food, water and shelter are the basics of survival no matter what disaster you are focusing your preparedness plan on. Growing your own groceries by gardening and raising your own livestock definitely belong at the top of any food preparedness to-do list. Stockpiling long-term food storage products will also deeply enhance your chances of surviving a SHTF disaster.

Knowing how to hunt and purchasing all of the necessary weaponry to do so, in triplicate, is a long-standing prepper concept as well. Learning how to trap, and maybe more importantly, how to make traps out of found items, could also one day save your life. Relying too heavily on any one way to garner food would likely be a deadly mistake.

All too often I have heard folks in my rural area say that if a TEOTWAWKI disaster does strike, they will just go hunting. Leasing land to hunters during the various seasons is a big business in my region. Deer and turkey abound, so much so that the fire departments in the county can barely go a single week without being paged out for a wildlife-involved car accident.

Although the deer, turkeys, wild boars, and pesky coyotes frolic readily in our beautiful Appalachian hills now, the land would become played out in rapid fashion if everybody and their brother and their cousin and the infamous marauding hordes suddenly took to the woods in search of Bambi and her forest friends.

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Hedging your bets by growing, raising, buying, hunting, and trapping your own food in preparation for a long-term disaster will not only increase the food stores of your own family, but also provide an excellent bartering opportunity as well.

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