Tara Dodrill Talks Prepping On The Radio

Tara Dodrill Talks Preparedness With The Experts

12/23/2013 Practical Preppers Founder on Common Sense Prepping
12/16/2013 Rob Underhill “The Carrington Event” interview
12/9/2013 Life Changes Be Ready on Common Sense Prepping!
11/25/2013 Prepping for a Suburban or Rural Community
11/18/2013 MAGS: Mutual Assistance Groups! Guest Charlie Hogwood
11/11/2013 Author Ron Foster on Common Sense Prepping! Good information varied topics
11/4/2013 Pioneering Today author Melissa Norris!
10/28/2013 Surviving an Urban Disaster! Guest, Urban survival expert Richard Duarte
10/21/2013 Survivor Jane and Common Sense Prepping
10/14/2013 Camouflaged food forest!
10/7/2013 Lights Out Saga!  A not miss show

Radio Guest Spots

Near Miss With EMP - Off The Grid News Radio Show Interview with Tara Dodrill
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Secrets of a Survivalist - Rick Austin Interviews Tara Dodrill
Survival Medicine Hour - Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy discuss the power grid with Tara Dodrill