Top 5 Survival Medicine Tips You Should Learn Right Now!

Calling 911 will most likely not be an option during a massive or long-term disaster. Medical preparedness is often considered the most difficult obstacle when forming a well-rounded and thorough survival plan. Enhancing our first aid skills by taking a course is one important way to increase the chance of surviving a SHTF scenario. Learning how to use available items to naturally prevent, treat and cure common ailments is an equally important aspect of medical prepping readiness.

We often delve into home remedies, over-the-counter alternatives, and natural health tips on Survival Based. This roundup of the top 5 survival medicine tips offers yet more insight and resource material for use when expanding your medical prepping plan.

Top 5 Survival Medicine Tips

Wound Care

Stop bleeding fast by using a few pinches of hot pepper powder. Drop the hot pepper directly onto the small cut or wound, and the bleeding should subside in about 20 seconds. Native Americans often used cayenne pepper in a host of first aid remedy recipes. If attempting to stop a larger wound from bleeding, pour about one teaspoon of red pepper into a glass of warm water and drink the rather unpleasant tasting mixture quickly. The components in the pepper are believed to rapidly equalize blood pressure and prompt the clotting of blood. Pepper is also often thought to contain disinfecting properties.
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