Top 6 Lost Off The Grid Skills We Should Learn From The Amish

Several years ago we had a week-long power outage in my region. Even though we live in a fairly old-fashioned rural community, panic still set in somewhere around hour 12 of the weather-related disaster. It was summer, a really, really hot summer, with temperatures hitting about 95 degrees before noon.

Friends and neighbors cleared out their refrigerators, and everyone was invited to a community cookout at the high school. The only grocery store in the county ran out of generator power far sooner than expected. No gas station within a 25-minute drive had power. The wait at Walmart for bottled water and ice was often fruitless.

While preparing a meal of long-term storage food on our charcoal grill, our daughter (who turned 16 during “the storm”) and I heard the familiar click-clack of a horse and buggy rolling by on a side street. She turned to me and said, “Do you think the Amish even noticed?”

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