Bugout Boats - Pros And Cons Of Mobile Prepper Retreats

Is a boat the perfect bug-out location (BOL)? Prepper retreats come in all shapes, sizes and venues. Turning a boat into a survival bunker has a plethora of pros and cons, and each should be weighed heavily before buying a boat and packing all of your preps onboard.
Several years ago my prepper husband Bobby became intrigued about living on a house boat and turning it into a mobile prepper retreat. We spent a decent amount of time pondering the issue and researching the idea to access how such water-based self-reliance would impact our chances of surviving a SHTF scenario. We quickly abandoned the houseboat idea, although it can effectively be used as a bug-out location. Bobby instead decided that if we became water dwellers, we would be living on a barge. At first I laughed, but as his idea unfolded, it made a lot of sense.
We live in an area with multiple rivers and waterside campgrounds with docks (and darn little regulation). Bobby’s idea was to build a concrete block home on one end of the barge after filling the entire basin of the vessel with rich soil. The barge home would be equipped with solar panels and solar generators. We could grow crops in the soil and fence off an area for use by small livestock and a couple of horses. Bridle trails exist at the campgrounds, so my Ruby and her herd would get plenty of exercise until the SHTF.
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