Long-Term Milk Storage Hacks For Preppers

Prepping for any SHTF scenario begins with ensuring that the three basics of survival can be met – food, clothing, and shelter. Preppers focus on the short-term, the first one to three months after a disaster, expand their stockpiles and sustainable homesteading efforts to prepare their family to make it for the long haul.
When determining how to spend your preparedness plan dollars or how to stock your off the grid prepper retreat, securing a sustainable source of water and milk should be a top priority when working on the “survival food” portion of the family disaster plan.
Living on a piece of land with a spring-fed pond, creek that stays wet year around, and a well is the first order of business. Without water dehydration could kill your loved ones and allow disease to spread when the home, clothing, and common use items cannot be cleaned properly.
One a sustainable water source has been developed, a wise prepper will set forth on securing an equally available source of milk for the family. While milk is not necessary to the human body like water is, it will keep infants from dying, is used for both cooking and baking, and to make cheese and butter.
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