Meat Preservation Prepping Hacks

Many preppers and survivalists not only stockpile long-term storage food to make ready for a SHTF scenario, but they also perfect their aim so they can take down copious amounts of wild game as well. It would be a mistake to assume that because you are an expert shot and a quality hunter, you do not need to grow your own groceries or pile up buckets of shelf-stable food in your basement.
When a TEOTWAWKI situation occurs, everyone and their brother and favorite cousin will take to the woods to hunt for deer and other wild game. The pressure put on wild game could deplete the native wildlife in a single season. Being off of your own property for any reasons is always a dangerous proposition. You not only have to worry about the marauding hordes from cities making their way to your rural hamlet, but you also have to be on the lookout for local punks as well.
It would be far easier to sit in the shade and wait for a hunter to walk by with his kill and take it than it would be to hike the woods in search of your own wild game to shoot for dinner.
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