Prepper Retreat Natural Fencing Options - Secure Your Off Grid Homestead On The Cheap!

Preppers and off the grid homesteading families grow and raise the bulk of what goes onto their dinner tables, so keeping their crops and animals safe is a priority. Protecting the crops from critters and keeping the livestock safely tucked inside their pens often requires a lot of of fencing.
Putting in fencing is a physically demanding and tedious task. I have had enough sore lower back muscles and blisters on my hands to contest to how laborious a day spent putting up fencing can be, but it is not necessary to bust your wallet or your back to protect what you have.
There are many different kinds of fencing. Some are designed for garden protection and others to house specific types of livestock. Most folks who keep cattle use either wooden or barbed wire fencing. Both require a lot of hard work to put up and maintain.
Electric fencing is a great option for horses and the money-conscious prepper, but it can sometimes be too weak to house cattle. Electrical fencing has successfully been used to contain cattle when a significant charge is applied to fence, but the higher charge could be harmful to smaller livestock or cause them to panic and bolt through the fencing. I have seen horses tangled up in electrical fencing. It is a sight that causes panic in horse owners, who must react quickly to keep the frantic animal from becoming even more tangled and injured.
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