Spring Prepper Projects - Top 4 Survival 'How To' Projects To Try This Weekend!

Spring weather has finally resurfaced in many regions of the country. It is time once again to start working on our outdoor preparedness projects and practicing our survival skills.
After many months cooped up indoors, we can now comfortably get back to embarking upon enhancements to our prepper retreat or homestead and making ready for the coming growing and livestock birthing season.
Learning new skills and cross-training other members of your family (or mutual assistance group) should be an integral aspect of your overall prepping plan. If the only person in the family or group knows how to help birth a calf in distress, or how to reload ammunition, the anticipated survival chances of the clan decrease substantially if that one all-important individual is out of commission, or dead, when their skills are needed.
Every single prepper I know looks at their retreat or homestead as a work in progress. There is always some new concept to test, repair to make, project to try, or something to build.
Here’s a round-up of the top four spring prepper projects and skills to incorporate into your survival weekend practice sessions or to work onto your future projects list!
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