Survival Gardening Hacks - Natural Fertilizers

Growing your own groceries is a common goal shared by homesteaders, preppers, and off the grid enthusiasts. There is absolutely no better way to ensure that you family is prepared to survive a disaster than to have a massive stockpile of naturally grown and raised food as well as a backup supply of long-term storage food.
Raising crops to supply the bulk of your dietary needs can be accomplished in spaces both large and small. Vertical and container gardening allows even urban preppers and suburban preppers the opportunity to bolster their growing space and become more self-reliant. Rural preppers often raise livestock in close proximity to their crops and are extremely careful about what types of fertilizers are used to help the garden grow.
Whether you are growing your own food forest following the stealthy concept laid out by survivalist gardener Rick Austin or making use of every inch of available space with a vertical or container garden, aiding seed and plant growth by the use of fertilizers is always beneficial.