How To Homeschool Your Children

Homeschooling is now legal in all 50 states, but regulations governing how parents teach their children vary widely. The number of children being educated at home has grown steadily throughout the last decade. There are now approximately 1,576,516 American children being educated at home by a parent or guardian.
The reasons why parents choose to homeschool their children are as diverse as the manner in which the youngsters are taught.

Some parents opt to teach their children using a virtual online curriculum, while others prefer to choose the academic curriculum themselves and infuse technology into the home classroom as they see fit.

Think outside of the box when preparing to homeschool children on a survival retreat, farm, or while homesteading. Paint a portion of a wall with chalk and allow the kiddos to do their math problems and write their spelling words in cool colors right on the wall instead of paper.

This is not only a money (and tree) saver but it gets the children up out of their seats and having fun while learning instead of spending hours on end in a stationary position working like drones with a pencil and piece of paper. Drawing items to correspond with the math problems helps teach simple shapes.

Free homeschooling resources abound online. Teaching your children at home on the prepper retreat while homesteading does not need to be expensive nor does it take a specific college degree - or any degree.

Children do not need to be sitting at a desk or table to learn. The homesteading environment is perfect for hands-on science lessons. Reading, math, and writing activities can be easily coordinated with self-reliance and homesteading hands-on learning for children of multiple ages to enjoy at the same time while being thoroughly educated to meet state academic standards.

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