Bee Balm Natural Homeremedies That ALL Preppers Should Know!

Bee balm is an edible herb with a host of potentially beneficial medicinal properties. All parts of the plant are edible — even its beautiful flowers, which are often used as a healthy garnish on salads. It is also a source of the oil in thyme.
There are two different and common plants that carry the name bee balm: Monarda fistulose and Monarda didyma. The Monarda fistulosa plant is lavender in color and routinely referred to as either “wild bergamot” or horsemint. It grows in open pastures and is a favorite among honeybees. It has a more sharp and mint-infused flavor than the Monarda didyma plant.
Bee balm is a perennial herb that grows naturally in the Eastern United States, Canada, and Mexico. Typically, it can be found not only in pastures but along clearings in the woods and edges of the forest. Both Oswego tea and bee balm tea are the most common ways the wild edible is used in natural homemade remedies.
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