How To Build The Perfect (And Safest) Chicken Coop

Proper chicken coop plans and construction are essential to the survival of the flock. Protecting chickens from the many predators who want to eat them is not a difficult or expensive task, but it does require careful planning. Ensuring raccoons, dogs, mink, fox, snakes, hawks, and other predators cannot reach the flock will allow the chickens to live a safe and happy life until they become food for the family table.

Adorable chicken coop plans are readily available online, and similar coop kits or complete living structures can be purchased at most farm and garden stores. While these coops would be an attractive addition to the backyard, they might not be secure enough to protect the flock from predators. 
Chicken wire was created for one purpose and one purpose only: keeping chickens in. Keeping predators out requires additional material in both the exterior and interior of the coop. Raccoons can chew through the chicken wire.

Hawks can reach in through chicken wire or poultry netting and pull a chicken or duck to them with their sharp talons and rip their body to shreds in less than one minute.

Free step-by-step video tutorials about how to build chicken coops abound online. Just make sure you read my entire report filled with predator safety tips and essential materials BEFORE heading to the local farm supply or hardware store to fill a cart with a list of necessary materials shown in one of the many great free chicken coop plans and building videos!

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