Thursday, May 18, 2017

The prepper expo season is now underway. Survivalists, preppers, and homesteading families from across the country have ample opportunity to hone their existing skills and learn a whole host of potentially lifesaving new ones this spring and summer.

One of the first and largest prepper expos of the season will be held on May 26 – 27 in Irving, Texas. Tickets for the two-day Self Reliance Expo are surprisingly affordable and start at only $10 per adult. Can’t make the show in the Lone Star State? No worries — unless a TEOTWAWKI event happens before September — another Self Reliance Expo will be held in Denver on September 22 – 23.
Every visitor to the Self Reliance Expo website is offered a complimentary “Homesteader’s Master Plan” download. Every time I think I have learned all I need to know to help my tribe (my favorite term for our mutual assistance group) survive doomsday, I stumble across a worthy read or video and learn something new. The homesteading download is definitely worth reviewing and comparing against your existing prepper retreat set-up.
Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy are the medical keynote speakers for the massive prepper expo in Texas.

To read the rest of my report about the Self-Reliance Expo visit the American Doomsday Preppers website!

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