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Power Grid Down Chapter 6 Excerpt - Off Grid Housing Options and Homesteading Tips from the Amish

Chapter 6
Off Grid Housing Options and Homesteading Tips from the Amish

Finding a Prepper Retreat

While shopping for the perfect prepper retreat, do not be tempted by scenic soil. As the old saying goes - beauty is only skin deep. Looking down at your feet frequently will serve you well when touring land. While picturesque sunsets are wonderful, if the land is unable to grow crops and is prone to flooding, your family will go hungry during a long-term disaster.

A little knowledge will go a long way as you enter the homestead search process. When the dream of owning an off the grid property or the prefect homesteading site becomes fiscally feasible, do not rush to sign a contract or become so overwhelmed by the process that you make a decision which could hamper the survival of your family.        

Real estate agents specializing in rural land sales are common, but agents trained in survival real estate consultation are not. Practical Preppers owner Scott Hunt’s book, The Practical Preppers Complete Guide To Disaster Preparedness is a superb source for prepper retreat consultation tips and advice. If contracting with a professional off the grid living expert is not financially possible, do your homework before scheduling land tours.

Prepper Retreat Buying Tips
Make a list of the land attributes you will need to successfully live off the grid, raise livestock, grow crops, and maintain a secure perimeter before meeting with a real estate agent or browsing property online. The list of wants and needs should include input from everyone in the family or mutual assistance group. Talk to a farmer or a rancher if you are new to homesteading. The educational tips garnered could help prevent making a very expensive and potentially deadly mistake.
Online property browsing also gives you the chance to thoroughly research and compare similar properties in only your price range. Print off the listing sheets and property record cards from the county auditor website.                                  

See no neighbors, hear no neighbors? Place all secluded properties on your list of possibilities for further investigation. 

After reviewing those materials, go to the local courthouse and purchase plat map pages and deed copies relating to your list of properties. Do not assume that mineral rights go with the land unless specifically stated. Some of the most popular and expansive online real estate websites are Survival Realty, Trulia, and Land Watch.

Trulia allows searches for specific types of real property, such as farms, vacant land, and ranches. Land Watch does permit listings for any type of real estate, but is most known for its rural properties on large acre tracts. Survival Realty is owned and operated by off the grid living experts and specific land attributes must be present before an agent or homeowner can list a property on the website. The search features on all three websites are simple to navigate and narrow down the listings to your area and specifications.                                                 

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Prepper Video Of The Day

Power Grid Down Chapter 4 Excerpt - Bartering

Chapter 4

The power of the almighty dollar may be diminishing and the economy both nationally and internationally teetering, according to some financial experts. While cash may still be king in many parts of the world, bartering has emerged as an equally dominant queen. To take full advantage of the increasingly popular bartering economy, you have to know both what to buy and where to look for the best deals.

Bartering is a skill we should not wait to perfect until after the power grid goes down or some other disaster strikes. Every penny saved when garnering items on your preparedness needs list can be money well spent elsewhere.

Bartering deals often involve both tangible items and trades for services and skills training. Develop a bartering relationship with an individual who possesses a skill no one in your family has, or someone who can offer a service which will become increasingly important when living off the grid.                                                                                                            
Unless you are part of the most massive, intelligent, wealthy, and skilled family (or mutual assistance group) on the face of the Earth, there is always something new to learn. Bartering items or skills you do have with someone who has mastered a task you may one day need to know how to do, is a win-win situation for both parties.

Bartering home-grown produce or farm fresh eggs for shooting lessons is just one example of a successful trade that enhances food storage and self-reliance skills.

Opportunities to swap unwanted items or share your skills exist both in areas around your home and online. When meeting a stranger to broker a bartering deal, always choose a public venue during daylight hours and take at least one friend or relative with you for safety reasons.

Power Grid Down: Chapter 2 Excerpt - Weather Disaster, Solar Flares, and EMP Atta

Chapter 2
Weather Disaster, Solar Flares, and EMP Attacks

Weather Emergencies Section Excerpt

The power grid has morphed in size tenfold during the past 50 years. While solar flares, cyber-attacks, and an EMP attack are perhaps the most extensive and frightening threats to the electrical system, the fragile infrastructure could just as easily fail in large portions, due to weather-related events. The power grid is basically a ticking time bomb which will spark civil unrest, lack of food, clean water, and a multitude of fires if the system goes down.

Weather-related events were the primary cause of power outages from 2007 to 2012, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers infrastructure report card. Power grid reliability issues are emerging as the greatest threat to the electrical system.    

The ASCE grade card also notes that retiring and rotating in “new energy sources” is a “complex” process. 

Solar Flares Section Excerpt

The potential for an Earth-directed X-class solar flare to take down America’s overly-taxed power grid is significant. Infrastructure frailties are not a glitzy topic; they are far too mundane for mainstream media to venture away from the latest political scandal or celebrity wardrobe malfunction to discuss, but they are nevertheless important.

The power grid likely would not survive a direct hit by what scientists call a coronal mass ejection, or CME. Scientists have only been able to view, track, and understand solar flares for about the last 20 years. The most powerful known earth-directed solar flare occurred during 1859 and is known as the Carrington Event. Telegraph lines, the most advanced technology at the time, burst into flames. 

If such a powerful event occurred today, life as we know it in America would cease for quite a long time. The Carrington Event brightened the night sky from the North Pole to Central America, and some New Englanders even read their evening newspapers outside, as if it were daytime.          

 America barely dodged a direct hit by a solar flare in 2012. All modern amenities would have ceased to exist for at least weeks or months due to the solar flare, according to University of Colorado Laboratory of Atmospheric and Space Physics Director Dr. Daniel Baker.

EMP Attack - Section Excerpt

Even if the high-voltage protective boxes around transformers are put into place and spare transformers are carefully held in storage until they are needed, the impact a solar flare or EMP would have on America is still extremely dire.

Citizens who have not put their generators, appliances, cell phones, and basically anything else with electronic components and a cord into a Faraday cage, will quickly be living an Amish-style existence. How well a Faraday cage will work if the Earth is hit directly with a solar flare or a massive EMP attack occurs remains largely unknown. If such a disaster occurs and the power grid is down for years, your smart phone is not going to do you much good anyway.

EMP Commission statement about the domino effect an EMP attack would have on the United States:
The primary avenues for catastrophic damage to the nation are through our electric power infrastructure and thence into our telecommunications, energy, and other infrastructures. These, in turn, can seriously impact other important aspects of our nation’s life, including the financial system; means of getting food, water, and medical care to the citizenry; trade; and production of goods and services. The recovery of any one of the key national infrastructures is dependent on the recovery of others.”

Former CIA Director James Woolsey said this about electromagnetic pulse threats:
“9/11 was a wake-up call that enemies of the United States were looking to launch massive attacks. What if the government in North Korea or Iran really thought that the world would be so much a better place and that they themselves would be so much more likely to go to heaven if they could just kill as many Americans as possible? These guys lust after mass destruction.”                             

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Power Grid Down: Chapter 1 Excerpt - Terrorism, Cyber Attacks, and the Smart Grid

Chapter 1
Terrorism, Cyber Attacks, and the Smart Grid

The United States power grid has more blackouts than any other country in the developed world, according to new data that spotlights the country’s aging and unreliable electric system. The data by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) shows that Americans face more power grid failures lasting at least an hour than residents of other developed nations - and it’s getting worse.

Going back three decades, the United States grid loses power 285 percent more often than it did in 1984, when record keeping began. The power outages cost businesses in the United States as much as $150 billion per year, according to the Department of Energy.

The power grid is our most antiquated and vulnerable piece of infrastructure. The entire system is teetering on the brink of failure. The grid is often called America’s glass jaw because of the nation’s reliability on it and also due to its many weaknesses; such as the possibility for a domino effect to occur because of the way the system is interconnected.

There are about 5,800 power plants and 450,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines in the US, many of them decades old and a large portion of them connected to one another.

The famous Northeast Blackout of 2003 began with a tree limb falling in Ohio. The outage caused a chain reaction resulting in 50 million people losing power, including residents as far away as New York City and parts of Canada.

The electric system has improved some since the blackout of 2003, but not nearly enough. In early 2014, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gave the power grid a grade of D+ when it evaluated the system for security lapses and other vulnerabilities. The D+ grade meant that the grid was in “poor to fair condition and mostly below standard, with many elements approaching the end of their service life.”

The report also maintained that a “large portion of the system exhibits significant deterioration” with a “strong risk of failure.”

An excerpt from the American Society of Civil Engineers report reads:

America relies on an aging electrical grid and pipeline distribution systems, some of which originated in the 1880s. Investment in power transmission has increased since 2005, but ongoing permitting issues, weather events, and limited maintenance have contributed to an increasing number of failures and power interruptions. While demand for electricity has remained level, the availability of energy in the form of electricity, natural gas, and oil will become a greater challenge after 2020 as the population increases. Although about 17,000 miles of additional high-voltage transmission lines and significant oil and gas pipelines are planned over the next five years, permitting and siting issues threaten their completion. The electric grid in the United States consists of a system of interconnected power generation, transmission facilities, and distribution facilities.”

The ASCE report card also stated that new gas-fired and renewable generation issues increase the need to add new transmission lines. Antiquated power grid equipment has reportedly prompted even more intermittent power outages in recent years. The power grid is more vulnerable to cyber-attacks than ever before, with a host of energy experts citing the aging electrical system as the primary culprit.   

Power Grid Down: How To Prepare, Survive, And Thrive After The Lights Go Out Foreword

Power Grid Down: How To Prepare, Survive, And Thrive After The Lights Go Out
Every minute of every day we face a deadly threat in America, yet very few are paying attention to the problem. A downed power grid would change life as we know it more than virtually any other doomsday scenario ever could; and is far more likely than a plethora of the apocalyptic scenarios contrived by Hollywood producers.

Should the power grid go down for just a single week, approximately one million Americans would likely die. Many scientists agree that such a doomsday scenario would also cause trillions of dollars’ worth of damage. With the very existence of such a significant portion of society on the line, a logical person would think that the government would be taking the idea of a massive solar storm, cyber-attack, or EMP attack, far more seriously. But, applying logic or common sense to the way career politicians think is a futile endeavor.

If the grid failed due to an EMP attack, life would change drastically within seconds. Sensitive computer equipment, such as life-saving machines used in hospitals, electrical systems in modern vehicles, cell phones, and a multitude of other commonly relied upon gadgets, would cease to function if not properly stored inside a Faraday cage. Since an X-Class solar flare has not directly impacted Earth since 1859, and America has not yet been the target of an EMP attack, the effectiveness of Faraday cages is based solely upon controlled tests and laboratory simulations.

By most estimates, it would take a minimum of three months to possibly an entire year, to garner new transformers after a power grid failure.  Like most things we buy at the store, transformers are not made in America. If a grid-down scenario impacts the entire planet, the companies in China and Germany, where such components are made, will not be able to manufacture or ship the parts to the United States.

As the American Blackout original film by National Geographic, The Carrington Event, and the Lights Out Saga independent film series (still in production) reveal, life as we know it would cease to exist if the nation is left without power for only a short period of time. If America loses power the nose dive the economy would take, would be of epic proportion. The masses would starve, and many of our friends and neighbors would fall victim to violent acts by both marauders and desperate starving folks who had never committed a crime before in their lives.

The attention span of the general populace and government officials is woefully short and may ultimately lead to the downfall of our society. Casually shrugging off concerns about the vulnerability of the power grid as prepper paranoia is much easier than actually working to solve the problem

Best Loans And Grants For Preppers Trying To Build A Sustainable Homestead

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Power Grid Down: Chapter 3 Excerpt - Power Grid Down Communication Options

Chapter 3
Power Grid Down Communication Options

Communicating during an emergency may be essential not only for survival, but also to help locate loved ones and garner news about the unfolding disaster. Cell phone signals and Internet access are typically the first “services” to cease operating during either a natural or man-made disaster, and landlines may not be far behind. The GPS gadgets so many people rely upon to get to point A from point B will not be helpful if they are built into your vehicle and roads are clogged - or an EMP attack has rendered the big hunks of metal useless.

Once the power has gone out, a state of emergency has been declared, and phone lines are down communications options are limited, but do still exist. Panic will set in quickly if your teenage daughter is halfway across the city watching a movie with a friend and you do not have an emergency communications plan in place – and practiced.       

Will you be able to reach your loved ones if the power grid fails?

For most people, being out of touch with their spouse or loved ones is a terrifying prospect. Modern technology allows us to instantly chat with people all over the globe, when those lines of communication suddenly disappear, panic can set in quickly – especially for the unprepared.

We have been conditioned to expect a text response in mere seconds from our children, spouse, or elderly parents. When no quote bubble appears on our iPhone screens after a “Where are you? Are you alright?” question is posed, the mind immediately imagines the worst.

Even the most mundane weather emergency can erase all the technological leaps and bounds we have made in the past decade.

 It doesn’t take much to temporarily thwart cell phone signals – certainly nothing as dramatic as an EMP, nuclear strike, or solar flare. Cell signals can be downed by non-newsworthy events like a heavy snowfall, torrential rains or even plain old equipment failures.    

Maintaining a low-tech method of emergency communication with family members so you can guide them away from danger will reduce panic and allow those away from home to focus on the task at hand – getting to safety.                            

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Richard Duarte might be a lawyer by trade, but his preparedness and protection of our Second Amendment rights are his passion. His hit books you should read this summer include Surviving Doomsday: A Guide for Surviving an Urban Disasterwhich focuses on enhancing the survival skills of urban preppers and surviving doomsdayThe books offer all preppers detailed insight which could substantially enhance their chances of living through a SHTF scenario.

Living through Hurricane Andrew in 1992 prompted Duarte to become more focused on preparedness.
I felt completely helpless and alone,” Richard told me when describing what he and his family experienced in the aftermath of the Category 5 storm. “Our house was literally torn apart all around us. There was nothing I could do about it, and there was no one to call for help. I couldn’t believe what had just happened and how completely unprepared I had been. That morning my family and I left the rubble of what had once been our home with nothing more than the clothes on our backs.”
Read the rest of my report about Richard Duarte and Surviving Doomsday on American Doomsday Preppers

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Teach Children Basic Homesteading Sewing Skills By Making A Card Table Playhouse Tent!

Children love to play inside their own magical little world. That makes a folding playhouse tent a perfect multi-age surprise your little loved ones will never want to outgrow! If you get a store bought, plastic and nylon playhouse tent, there are so many disadvantages. The playhouses offered in stores are going to cost upwards of $100. Plus, they take forever to assemble/disassemble and take up a lot of space. Instead of all that fuss, harken back to your younger years and go creatively old school with this inexpensive space saver! Not only will your kids have fun, but the tent doubles as attractive toy storage too.

How To Make And Decorate A Playhouse Tent

There are several different types of folding table or card table playhouse tents. However, all versions of the folding table tents are made of either fabric or felt – or both. Your level of sewing, amount of free time, and materials on hand will dictate which type of tent you decide to make.
Read the rest of my report, including step-by-step how to make a card table playhouse tent report at Sewing.

All Preppers And Homesteading Families NEED This Book In Their Survival Library!

Teachers may not still give a summer reading list to their students, but preppers, who wholeheartedly believe we are all in this together and view preparedness as an educational journey, sure do.

Typically, when someone gives you a wonderful gift, they say “enjoy,” but knowing how valuable these resources will be to your lives and how you’ll surely feel after reading them, I am going to skip right ahead to “You’re welcome!”
Prepper Summer Reading List Book #1 – Secret Garden of Survival by the Survivalist Gardener Rick Austin
The Secret Garden of Survival: How to Grow a Camouflaged Food Forest has continued to be a bestseller for three years with good reason. In the book, Rick offers something for all experience levels and all preppers, homesteading families, and off grid folks.
Rick and his wife, the queen of prepping herself, Survivor Jane, left high-paying corporate jobs to live a simpler and more self-reliant lifestyle. They did not have a lot of land to build a functional prepper retreat upon, yet they flourished and later shared what they learned with the world through their books, prepper expos, and television appearances.
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Top Reasons Why You NEED Guineas On Your Homestead Or Survival Retreat!

Every homesteading family should have a flock of guineas – even though they will never eat them or a single one of their eggs. Guineas are the junkyard dog of the poultry world. They will not only protect the flock of meat chickens, ducks, and turkeys, but pull double duty eat bugs and ticks that want to dine on garden planted to feed the family or take to market.

Raising Guineas To Protect The Rest Of Your Poultry

Guineas are the most low-cost and low-maintenance breed of poultry in existence. Except during the harsh months of winter, you will likely never have to spend a cent on feed for the free-ranging flock. From sun up until sun down guineas wander around the homestead plucking all the spiders, ticks, locusts, beetles, wasps, flies, tadpoles, frogs, worms, snakes, potato beetles, snails, and even cockroaches they can find.

Endeared By Farmers

Come night time, the real hunt begins for the flock of guineas. They just love to attack mink – the number one killer of poultry flocks.
Read the rest of my guineas report at Homesteading

Homesteading And Survival Must Read Book By Scott Hunt Of Practical Preppers Fame

The co-founder of Practical Preppers, Scott Hunt, released a thick book filled with easy-to-read tips, instructions, and insights designed to help his fellow Americans survive a doomsday disaster. Hunt is an engineer by trade and a pastor in North Carolina.

It would be difficult to meet a kinder man than Scott Hunt. His passion for educating and helping others prepare for the worst is virtually unmatched.
In his first book, Practical Preppers Complete Guide to Disaster Preparedness, Hunt goes over all the usual ground in an easy-to-understand and detailed how-to manner and then ventures beyond the obvious to more advanced life-saving aspects of TEOTWAWKI preparedness.
Read the rest of my report about the fabulous Scott Hunt and his Practical Preppers book at American Doomsday Preppers!

So, You Are Going To Bug Out To The Forest After The SHTF, Better Read This Report First!

How many times have you heard someone say, “When the SHTF I am just going to bugout to the woods,” and think that such a “plan” is a simp...