All Preppers And Homesteading Families NEED This Book In Their Survival Library!

Teachers may not still give a summer reading list to their students, but preppers, who wholeheartedly believe we are all in this together and view preparedness as an educational journey, sure do.

Typically, when someone gives you a wonderful gift, they say “enjoy,” but knowing how valuable these resources will be to your lives and how you’ll surely feel after reading them, I am going to skip right ahead to “You’re welcome!”
Prepper Summer Reading List Book #1 – Secret Garden of Survival by the Survivalist Gardener Rick Austin
The Secret Garden of Survival: How to Grow a Camouflaged Food Forest has continued to be a bestseller for three years with good reason. In the book, Rick offers something for all experience levels and all preppers, homesteading families, and off grid folks.
Rick and his wife, the queen of prepping herself, Survivor Jane, left high-paying corporate jobs to live a simpler and more self-reliant lifestyle. They did not have a lot of land to build a functional prepper retreat upon, yet they flourished and later shared what they learned with the world through their books, prepper expos, and television appearances.
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