Power Grid Down Chapter 6 Excerpt - Off Grid Housing Options and Homesteading Tips from the Amish

Chapter 6
Off Grid Housing Options and Homesteading Tips from the Amish

Finding a Prepper Retreat

While shopping for the perfect prepper retreat, do not be tempted by scenic soil. As the old saying goes - beauty is only skin deep. Looking down at your feet frequently will serve you well when touring land. While picturesque sunsets are wonderful, if the land is unable to grow crops and is prone to flooding, your family will go hungry during a long-term disaster.

A little knowledge will go a long way as you enter the homestead search process. When the dream of owning an off the grid property or the prefect homesteading site becomes fiscally feasible, do not rush to sign a contract or become so overwhelmed by the process that you make a decision which could hamper the survival of your family.        

Real estate agents specializing in rural land sales are common, but agents trained in survival real estate consultation are not. Practical Preppers owner Scott Hunt’s book, The Practical Preppers Complete Guide To Disaster Preparedness is a superb source for prepper retreat consultation tips and advice. If contracting with a professional off the grid living expert is not financially possible, do your homework before scheduling land tours.

Prepper Retreat Buying Tips
Make a list of the land attributes you will need to successfully live off the grid, raise livestock, grow crops, and maintain a secure perimeter before meeting with a real estate agent or browsing property online. The list of wants and needs should include input from everyone in the family or mutual assistance group. Talk to a farmer or a rancher if you are new to homesteading. The educational tips garnered could help prevent making a very expensive and potentially deadly mistake.
Online property browsing also gives you the chance to thoroughly research and compare similar properties in only your price range. Print off the listing sheets and property record cards from the county auditor website.                                  

See no neighbors, hear no neighbors? Place all secluded properties on your list of possibilities for further investigation. 

After reviewing those materials, go to the local courthouse and purchase plat map pages and deed copies relating to your list of properties. Do not assume that mineral rights go with the land unless specifically stated. Some of the most popular and expansive online real estate websites are Survival Realty, Trulia, and Land Watch.

Trulia allows searches for specific types of real property, such as farms, vacant land, and ranches. Land Watch does permit listings for any type of real estate, but is most known for its rural properties on large acre tracts. Survival Realty is owned and operated by off the grid living experts and specific land attributes must be present before an agent or homeowner can list a property on the website. The search features on all three websites are simple to navigate and narrow down the listings to your area and specifications.