Teach Children Basic Homesteading Sewing Skills By Making A Card Table Playhouse Tent!

Children love to play inside their own magical little world. That makes a folding playhouse tent a perfect multi-age surprise your little loved ones will never want to outgrow! If you get a store bought, plastic and nylon playhouse tent, there are so many disadvantages. The playhouses offered in stores are going to cost upwards of $100. Plus, they take forever to assemble/disassemble and take up a lot of space. Instead of all that fuss, harken back to your younger years and go creatively old school with this inexpensive space saver! Not only will your kids have fun, but the tent doubles as attractive toy storage too.

How To Make And Decorate A Playhouse Tent

There are several different types of folding table or card table playhouse tents. However, all versions of the folding table tents are made of either fabric or felt – or both. Your level of sewing, amount of free time, and materials on hand will dictate which type of tent you decide to make.
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