Top Reasons Why You NEED Guineas On Your Homestead Or Survival Retreat!

Every homesteading family should have a flock of guineas – even though they will never eat them or a single one of their eggs. Guineas are the junkyard dog of the poultry world. They will not only protect the flock of meat chickens, ducks, and turkeys, but pull double duty eat bugs and ticks that want to dine on garden planted to feed the family or take to market.

Raising Guineas To Protect The Rest Of Your Poultry

Guineas are the most low-cost and low-maintenance breed of poultry in existence. Except during the harsh months of winter, you will likely never have to spend a cent on feed for the free-ranging flock. From sun up until sun down guineas wander around the homestead plucking all the spiders, ticks, locusts, beetles, wasps, flies, tadpoles, frogs, worms, snakes, potato beetles, snails, and even cockroaches they can find.

Endeared By Farmers

Come night time, the real hunt begins for the flock of guineas. They just love to attack mink – the number one killer of poultry flocks.
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