How To Stop Top Livestock Predators Around The Homestead Or On The Survival Retreat

Your livestock is your livelihood… Are you doing everything to protect your homestead from these 8 top predators that prowl your homestead?
No work day around the homestead is ever complete without checking for signs farm predators have been nearby. Most predators attack between dusk and dawn, making a late afternoon check of all pens and enclosures mandatory for any farming household that does not want to lose their animals or crop to eager and hungry wild animals both large and small. But What should you be on the lookout for?

The Top Predators Prowling Your Homestead

Livestock protection is a never-ending job on any homestead. The one day you decide you’re too tired to do a pen or fence perimeter check – after all, the critters have been present and accounted for every morning for months – is exactly when you will wake up and find feathers and bloody remains.
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Get in the habit of checking the exterior of the chicken coop and chicken run every night and each morning for signs of vulnerability and attempted entry. Check inside the coop to make sure no predators are hiding inside before putting a free range flock up for the night.