The 5-Day Prepper Challenge - Learn Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life After The SHTF!

Trying to learn everything there is to know about prepping and buying all of the survival gear you and your family could possibly ever need is an extremely daunting proposition. Most folks come to embrace the concept or preparedness after becoming worried about national/world events or after living through some type of natural disaster.
The rush to prep after having one’s eyes opened about the plethora of SHTF scenarios which could soon unfold understandably sparks a frenzied “have to do everything at once…and right now” mindset. Newbie preppers must pause after their moment of enlightenment and create a prepping plan which can be fully mastered at a realistic and budget-friendly pace.
The 5-day challenge can serve as a valuable survival refresher and cross-training endeavor for seasoned preppers as well. As with most things in life, repetition of sound habits leads to success!
Read the rest of my detailed and step-by-step report on Survival Sullivan. How do you practice your preps and hone your survival skills each week?