The Best Dogs To Have Around The Homestead: Livestock Guardian Dogs vs Herd Dogs

Do you want a livestock guardian dog or a herd dog as a work dog for your homestead? Didn’t know there was a difference? There is, a huge on actually. In fact, in all likelihood, you need both types of traditional farm working dogs on your homestead or survival retreat.

Work Dog On The Homestead: The Best In What They Do

Livestock guard dogs (LGDs) protect your livestock and by extension, your homestead, from predators. These dogs are typically very large and very protective of just not the livestock, but the entire family – but do NOT live with the humans inside the home.
Herd dogs work the land and animals by day but tend to live with the family at night. These breeds are high energy and commonly have only two speeds – 100 MPH or zero – and snoozing, after putting in many hours doing necessary work around the homestead.

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