What Are The Absolute Basics Of Survival?

The basics of survival remain the same no matter type of short-term or long-term disaster a person is preparing for - food, water, and shelter. But, "numbers," medical preps, and skills are almost equally important.

Medical preparedness, advanced first aid - and beyond, natural remedy alternatives to prescription medications and treatments, will either increase or vastly decrease the chances of survival during either a disaster or outdoor medical emergency during a backwoods excursion when you cannot call 911.

The "lone wolf" approach to prepping has its benefits, namely OPSEC, but it will take numbers for the vast majority of people to survive long-term during and after a doomsday disaster. If you cannot hold onto the food you are growing (in a camo manner) and the other essentials of survival, all the time and money spent stockpiling them will have been nothing more than an exercise in futility.

Skills will trump gear during a disaster. Knowing how to use and repair what you have - adapting and overcoming situations by making use of available items is essential to survival. Cross-training is significantly important as well. If the only person who knows how to reload ammo or splint a leg, parishes, the chances of the family or mutual assistance group surviving the disaster just dropped to nearly zero.

What are you best survival tips for newbie preppers?