What Are The Best Handguns For Women, And How To Teach A Lady To Shoot Like An Expert!

A rapidly growing number of American women are learning how to shoot and getting their concealed carry permit. Being intimidated by the sounds and recoil of handguns is still deterring far too many potential female shooters from taking the final steps necessary to embark upon firearms training.
I was once one of the ladies who allowed my natural, yet unfounded fears of gun-handling to impact my personal safety – and the safety of our children and grandchildren. That was two years ago, today, I can out-shoot my husband with any handgun we own and thoroughly enjoy shooting my very own AR-15 semi-automatic rifle!
Many women who have expressed an interest, or who are being urged, to learn how to shoot, receive their first handgun from their spouse or boyfriend. While there are exceptions to the rule, of course, this loving and costly purchase often enhances instead of decreases, the anxiety the newbie female shooter has about firing a gun.
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