Wednesday, August 2, 2017

So, You Are Going To Bug Out To The Forest After The SHTF, Better Read This Report First!

How many times have you heard someone say, “When the SHTF I am just going to bugout to the woods,” and think that such a “plan” is a simple and feasible idea? I have shaken my head in disbelief copious amounts of time when hearing a “kinda” prepper, utter such a phrase.
Although the woods (or forest as city people prefer to call it) offer a bounty of natural resources, you must possess the survival skills necessary to utilize and harvest them. Actually, getting to the woods from either the suburbs or a city will be a miraculous feat in itself!
Before you continue to plan on grabbing your brand-spanking new bugout bag and heading to the woods, weigh the potentially deadly pros and cons very, very carefully!
When you arrive in the "woods" to escape the marauding hordes in the cities and suburbs, good country folks will be standing on the county line with their guns to make sure you do not take one step further! 

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Can You Pass This 5-Day Challenge For Advanced Preppers?

Prepping is a lifestyle, not a hobby. Even the most advanced preppers among us realize they do not know everything there is to know about SHTF preparedness and are always on the lookout for great prepper projects and enhancements to their survival skills set and prepper retreat.
These projects offers the chance for all of us to do what we yearn to do – become the most prepared we can be for a doomsday disaster! Can you survive (and thrive) the 5-day challenge for advanced preppers?
Prepper Camp, the only 3-day hands-on survival and homesteading event in the United States, is a great place to hone your preparedness skills and get even more ready for a power grid down or other doomsday long-term disaster! 
It takes place every year in mid-September in Saluda, North Carolina.

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Mental Preps That Can Vastly Increase Your Chances Of Survival When The SHTF

Do you have what it takes to survive a disaster? Maybe…maybe not. Far too many preppers focus ONLY on the obviously important aspects of SHTF preparedness: hands-on bushcraft/survival skills, supplies, weapons, and physical prowess.
The mental preparedness and character or any prepper could either become his or her saving grace – or turn into an Achilles Heel that causes failure and ultimately, death. How you will deal both intellectually and emotionally with a doomsday disaster scenario is just as important as how many #10 cans of freeze-dried meat you have stockpiled in the basement, how good of a shot you are, and how well you know how to grow and preserve food!
Reduced mental capacity and emotional panic can occur quickly after the SHTF and society collapses. 

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Best SHTF 'Career' Choices!

During the immediate aftermath of a SHTF disaster, the panic and carnage which emerges will leave most survivors hunkered down at the prepper retreat or any temporary place they feel at least somewhat safe.
Eventually, the post-SHTF reconstruction phase will begin. This is America, the strong will survive and rebuilt. Advanced degrees will be as useless and paper money – unless the college education involved a still essential skill, such a medical or engineering training. Hands-on and off grid survival skills will once again be in high demand.
If a “career” was useful and lucrative during the 1800s, it will be again after the SHTF. 
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Can you become a master camo food forest survival gardener? My prepping mentor, Rick Austin, shows you how to use ancient food growing techniques to help keep your belly full and your precious crops hidden from the prying eyes of desperate people!

So, You Are Going To Bug Out To The Forest After The SHTF, Better Read This Report First!

How many times have you heard someone say, “When the SHTF I am just going to bugout to the woods,” and think that such a “plan” is a simp...