Can You Pass This 5-Day Challenge For Advanced Preppers?

Prepping is a lifestyle, not a hobby. Even the most advanced preppers among us realize they do not know everything there is to know about SHTF preparedness and are always on the lookout for great prepper projects and enhancements to their survival skills set and prepper retreat.
These projects offers the chance for all of us to do what we yearn to do – become the most prepared we can be for a doomsday disaster! Can you survive (and thrive) the 5-day challenge for advanced preppers?
Prepper Camp, the only 3-day hands-on survival and homesteading event in the United States, is a great place to hone your preparedness skills and get even more ready for a power grid down or other doomsday long-term disaster! 
It takes place every year in mid-September in Saluda, North Carolina.

Read my entire 5-day advanced prepper challenger report at Survival Sullivan and put your emergency preparedness skills to the test!