Mental Preps That Can Vastly Increase Your Chances Of Survival When The SHTF

Do you have what it takes to survive a disaster? Maybe…maybe not. Far too many preppers focus ONLY on the obviously important aspects of SHTF preparedness: hands-on bushcraft/survival skills, supplies, weapons, and physical prowess.
The mental preparedness and character or any prepper could either become his or her saving grace – or turn into an Achilles Heel that causes failure and ultimately, death. How you will deal both intellectually and emotionally with a doomsday disaster scenario is just as important as how many #10 cans of freeze-dried meat you have stockpiled in the basement, how good of a shot you are, and how well you know how to grow and preserve food!
Reduced mental capacity and emotional panic can occur quickly after the SHTF and society collapses. 

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